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Let’s Both Forgive

"Someone very dear to me who had been my friend for years launched a brief but fierce attack my way..."

What Judas Knew

"This Christian life is not about the rules, but it is about a RELATIONSHIP."

God Is Already in Our Tomorrows

"Though it has not been easy, nor do I expect it to be, I am learning daily to concentrate on the here-and-now and to let God take care of my tomorrows..."

Three Dangers For Difference Makers

"...we must beware of these selfish dangers if we wish to be effective in reaching others..."

She Worketh Willingly with Her Hands

"The Lord wants each of us to work hard with a willing heart."

He Lives!

“He lives, I tell you! He is not dead, but lives here and now!"

The Changing of the Guard

"What can American Christians do to save our country?"

God Remembers

"Does God even remember where He left you? Dear friend, God remembers!"

Forgiveness Is a Choice

"Forgiveness is a choice, and it is one only you can make."

Holy and Beloved

"The way I treat those around me should not depend on THEIR worthiness, but on HIS!"

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Are There Times When Christians Should Defy The Government?

Wartime poses a very difficult question in regards to this matter. “Conscientious Objectors” believe war is murder. As we will see in the chapter on the military, killing during war time is not murder. Killing was sometimes commanded by God.