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Whatever or Whatsoever

"One of the best pieces of advice in the Bible is found in John 2:5 when Mary said, '…Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it.'"

How to Gain the Respect of Our Children

"If we want our children to treat us with respect, then we as parents need to learn to be respectable in our dealings with them."

Social Media Purge

"It is sad but amazing to realize how many use social media to perpetuate Satan’s messages.Most of them probably did not realize just how much Satan had manipulated them. We must apply biblical principles to decide whom we would allow as friends on social media."

Posture of Faith

  by David Bobbitt “Stop slouching!” I do not know how many times I have heard my mother tell me this. It was followed by either, “Sit...

Fighting for Innocence

"People may wonder if keeping our children...innocent is even possible in this day and age."

How to Make Your Marriage a Team

"No one ever stumbles upon a happy marriage. To have a happy marriage, the husband and wife must decide to be of one mind."

Am I Really Yielded to God’s Commandments?

"When we find ourselves in a similar situation of not obeying God’s commandments..., what should we do?"

An Unchangeable God

"All He has been to you, all He now is, He will still be, not only tomorrow, but 'for ever.'”

Why Do We Go to Church?

"Why then do we go to church? Is it really required by God in the Bible, or is it a tradition of man that has evolved into a mistaken biblical doctrine?"

A Patch or a Fix?

"I am so glad that I let the Professional handle the repairs in my life! I hope you will, too!"

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