man holding hand over his mouth

by Christian Penn

“And her parents were astonished: but he charged them that they should tell no man what was done.”

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Sometimes the Bible makes me laugh. I laughed this morning. I couldn’t help it. Now the story here was the healing of Jairus’ daughter. What made me laugh was that Jesus raised their daughter from the dead and then did exactly the opposite of what “faith healers” do today. He had the proof and charged them not to tell anyone and they like to proclaim what they cannot prove. What made me laugh even more was the fact that he told them to do something He knew they would not do. Like they were going to say, “Sure Jesus, this is just between us.” Not a chance. They were telling people the minute after their daughter was raised. Wouldn’t you?

However let me share something wonderful here. We like to do nice things for people but deep down we really want others to know we did it. All too often my kindnesses are as much for me as the one for whom I did the kindness. I am sorry to admit that but it is true. Don’t look so pious, I bet its true about you as well. Am I right? We like attention for the good we do, but not Jesus. What He does for us is not for the world to know. It is for us. That is how personal He is. Every good thing He does is not done for public consumption. It is done because He loves us and cares for us. Jesus is not after the praise for what He does for me, but when I praise Him He likes it because I wanted to praise Him. Let me illustrate.

A man loves his wife and brings home flowers one day, just because he wants to express his love. (I better do that in case my wife reads this). Anyway, he tells no one and he says, “Honey, I just wanted to express my love to you. Don’t tell anyone. I did it because I love you.” A little later he hears his wife on the phone saying to a friend, “My husband is the most wonderful man in the world. He brought me flowers today for no reason but to say he loves me.” You think he is going to get upset with his wife for praising him on her own accord? Nah, I don’t think so either. It pleases him that she praised him.

That is our Lord. He is good to us just because He loves us. He does not need it publicized because He didn’t do it for that reason. However, He enjoys it when He hears us speaking His praises to others. So here is the lesson. God dos not bestow His goodness upon me so others will know. He does it because He loves me. Because He loves me I cannot help but tell others how good He is.

Christian Penn is an author and blogger who's practical and solid Biblical advice help others through his writings.