God Created You To Be Unique; Not Like Everyone Else

by Christian Penn

There seems to be an awful lot of emphasis placed on sameness, or each of us being alike. We seem bent on all fitting into one particular mold in our relationship with the Lord. In a sense, we have created a boring set of robots who are walking with God in a programmed, uninteresting way. If God had wanted us to all be the same, He would not have made us so different. God seemed to have a desire for each of us to be unique.

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Psalm 139 is a thrilling passage written by David that describes how unique we are to God. He knows us each in an individual way and knows every detail about us. Perhaps we have made too much of an effort to characterize what we are supposed to be and thus we have lost our uniqueness in the sight of God. Think of all the ways in which God has made us unique: fingerprints, facial characteristics, hairs on our heads, personalities and backgrounds. God is obviously a God of diversity and it is obvious in all His creations He was looking for uniqueness. God even created a variety of human relationships in order to make our life more interesting. No two friends are exactly the same. We enjoy variety and diversity; therefore, He must enjoy it as well with His children.

God created us in order that we would be individually unique in our relationship with Him.

Look at the uniqueness of the Bible characters. No two seem to be exactly the same in his personal relationship with the Lord. John seemed sweet and loving towards the Saviour, whereas Peter was a little bolder and brash with Him. Philip seemed to be one that asked questions and was inquisitive. Thomas was somewhat of a doubter. Yet each one was unique to the Lord and very special to Him.

Each of us is unique and our relationship should be one of individuality. STOP trying to be like anybody else. Be you because that is how God made you to be. Think of the individuality that God has given to us in order for us to have a personal relationship with Him once we have been reconciled to God.

Individuality of personality.

Individuality of purpose.

Individuality of potential.

Individuality of position.

Individuality of pursuits.

Individuality of preparation.

Individuality of perspectives.

Individuality of passions.

Stop trying to be what God made someone else to be and respect the way He made you. Someone once said, “Be who you is and not who you ain’t because if you is what you ain’t you can’t be who you is.”

Christian Penn is an author and blogger who's practical and solid Biblical advice help others through his writings.