by Christian Penn

1. There are those you don’t think can come back to the Lord.
2. There are those you don’t want to come back to the Lord and would not help them if they tried.
3. You avoid fallen people without knowing the present state of their life.
4. you get angry at anyone who helps those you have given up on.
5. You do not agonize in intercessory prayer over fallen brothers.
6. You pass your judgment on those who have fallen.
7. You cannot forgive people who you feel have violated you.
8. You want a fallen brother to meet your expectations rather than you meeting him where he is.
9. You are angry at sinners.
10. Your church is not a place where fallen sinners would feel accepted and comfortable attending.
11. You spread gossip (whether true or false) about certain fallen people.
12. You feel comfortable reading internet slander. In fact you seek it out.
13. You would not attend a church where certain people attended who once fell.
14. You tolerate a fall into some sins but totally condemn others without offering any hope of restoration.
15. You are not actively involved right NOW in the restoration of some fallen Christian.
16. When you hear a story of a fallen brother you do not immediately contact them to let them know you are praying for them and are there to help if they need it.
17. You worry about what others will think of you being a friend of a certain fallen Christian.
18. You get angry when you gear of someone’s fall rather than weeping for them.

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The worst part of sin is not the actual sin. It is the choice. When you sin you are choosing temporary pleasure over the marvelous love and grace of your Father.

Christian Penn is an author and blogger who's practical and solid Biblical advice help others through his writings.