The story of Independent Baptist College is a miraculous one. The need for such a college was seen by many, but the ability to bring it together was a work of God. There are so many who can benefit from this method of study. Perhaps you could be just such a one. Here are some reasons to consider why it may be right for you.

1. Perhaps you started college, but for whatever reason were not able to finish. IBOC will allow you to finish and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you finished what you started.

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2. Perhaps you are married with a family and it is not possible for you to relocate your family. IBOC makes it possible for you to stay right where you are and get your education.

3. Perhaps you are older and always wished you could receive a Christian education. IBOC makes it possible for you to receive that degree.

4. Perhaps you are in the ministry but were never able to get a college degree. IBOC will allow you to do so even as you continue in your ministry.

5. Perhaps you cannot go away to college at this time, but would like to go ahead and get started. IBOC allows you to do that with courses that should be honored by other Independent Baptist colleges.

6. Perhaps you have a degree but would like to further your education by earning a Master’s Degree or even a Doctorate. IBOC will offer the opportunity for both.

7. Perhaps you are a stay at home mom and wanted to further your education. IBOC allows you do it at your convenience.

8. Perhaps you attended a Bible Institute and would now like to earn your Bachelor’s Degree. IBOC allows you to transfer many credits from Bible Institutes as a part of earning your degree.

9. Perhaps you are a pastor who feels it is time to refresh yourself in areas of ministry. While some colleges are minimizing Church Education, IBOC will be strongly committed to Pastoral Education classes and will have experienced pastors teaching this vital course. Those in the ministry may receive a Pastoral Refresher’s Degree.

10. Perhaps you are a layman who wants to improve your knowledge of the Bible or in other specific areas of study, but are not interested in earning a degree. IBOC makes it possible to audit all classes for half the cost.

11. Perhaps you are going to be a missionary and you would like to finish your education online while on deputation. Several Bible colleges have already inquired about working with IBOC about this.

12. Perhaps you are unable to continue your education for a season due to financial, health or other personal reasons. Keep moving forward by taking a class or a few classes with IBOC during that time.

13. Perhaps you have been away from the Lord and you are coming back and need something to inspire you in your spiritual growth. IBOC will do just that. Men with decades of experience will not just feed your intellect; They will inspire your heart.

These are a few reasons why IBOC may be right for you. Without a doubt, the online college concept will open the doors for many who otherwise would never have had their needs met in an on-campus college.