By Allen Domelle: In this chapter God talks about how He was going to take away the wife of Ezekiel with a stroke. I can only imagine the heartbreak that Ezekiel must have felt as he knew that the love of his life was going to be gone the next morning.


Ezekiel 24:25

“Also, thou son of man, shall it not be in the day when I take from them their strength, the joy of their glory, the desire of their eyes, and that whereupon they set their minds, their sons and their daughters,”

In the verse above God described what Ezekiel’s wife meant to him. When you see this description, you will find that this is the formula for true love. If every married person wants their marriage to be what it ought to be, then they need to develop these four areas.

First, he received his strength from his wife.

This word “strength” is implying encouragement. She was where he received his encouragement to stand. Ladies are to be an encouragement to their husbands. Ladies, it is so important that you understand that your husband gets the encouragement from you that he needs to stand for right. Don’t be one who discourages your husband, rather strive to be his encourager. Furthermore, men should not be looking to others to receive encouragement, for the best encouragement that God can give a man is through his wife.

Second, she was his joy.

Every wife should be the joy of their husband. Married couples should have a joyful life together. Couples should learn to laugh together. Couples should learn to do things that they enjoy together. The greatest joy a married person should have in life is spending time with their spouse.

Third, she was the desire of his eyes.

How important it is for men to keep their eyes on their wife and not on other women. Men, your wife is to be the one whom your eyes desire to see. There should be no other woman whom you would rather see than your wife. Likewise, ladies need to keep themselves so that their husband would desire to look upon them. Yes, I know it is harder the older you get to stay in shape, but you need to work at it for your husband. Furthermore, God will give your spouse eyes for you. Always remember that your body belongs to your spouse, so be careful that you don’t deny them the right God gives to them.

Fourth, she was the one on whom he set his mind.

Men, be careful to constantly think about your wife. She should be the one whom you constantly think about and no one else.  Ladies, the same goes for you. If your husband is to set his mind upon you to think about you, then you should set your mind on him and think about him. Married couples should spend time thinking about each other and not others. One of the greatest reasons their is no communication and intimacy in the marriage is because neither spouse sets their mind on the other; they don’t think about each other. Set time aside and use reminders to think about your spouse.

Each of these areas are important for every marriage. If your love for your spouse is going to grow, then each of these areas must be a part of your life. When you develop these four areas, you will be amazed of how much easier it will be to keep your marriage strong.

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